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DATE: May 18, 2019

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When many consumers search for “loan money despite RKI” in Google, there are many comparison sites that would like to rank high in Google’s search results. They hope that the many users will click on their website, as they often make money by sending traffic to the lenders. But the truth is that it is the fewest lenders who offer loans to people who are registered in the RKI, so it may well cheat a little.

Covers high interest rates

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As I said, some loan providers are more willing to risk than others. They therefore accept a potentially greater loss in the form of non-repayment. But even if some customers are lost, then others will benefit well, which ultimately results in a good business. The way the lost servant’s home is back is having a high level of interest. Therefore, it is often felt that lenders with more lenient demands on the applicants’ private finances also have high interest rates and ÅOPs.

Directory of bad payers

Directory of bad payers

In Denmark, the two largest registers of bad payers and RKI (Ribers Kredit Information), respectively, are owned by Experian and Debtor Registry. So if you owe money and don’t pay off the debt, the lender can sign up.

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To be deleted from the RKI it is easiest to pay off the debt. Remember to ask the company you borrowed to delete you from RKI. It is for them to do so. If you choose not to pay off your debt, you will automatically be deleted after 5 years. Please note, however, that your debt will not be deleted, which is why it is not a viable solution.

Being registered as a bad payer has a number of negative consequences. You will very likely get no to borrow loan money, buy mobile subscriptions, buy on installments while at the same time risking that craftsmen do not want to do work for you.

Seek professional help

Seek professional help

If you are registered in the RKI, it is not immediately a good idea to search for loans despite RKI. Although the chances of getting a loan are small, it will just make the situation worse and extend the prospects of a healthy private economy. If you have lost track of the situation and you cannot solve the problem yourself, you should ally yourself with a professional who can help you on the right track.

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