How to finance a home renovation?

DATE: June 9, 2019

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As time goes on, our residence needs some repair, or even a new room, and we do not always have cash in hand for such a reform. However, there is no need to postpone this project, you can renovate your home through funding .

If your case is different and you have the money needed, but would like to exchange your furniture with him instead of paying the retirement, the financing also gives you this possibility.

Be aware of important details

Be aware of important details

Before looking for the credit operations of a bank or bank to simulate your financing , be sure to pay attention to some important details like:

1- Interest rate value – Always prefer the lowest rates, as they suffer annual adjustments, so if you prefer a high rate financing, you will end up paying well beyond the amount you will be hiring. Bet on payday loans that are the best choice for retirement, with low interest rates, less bureaucracy, and reduced Personal Payday .

Especially if you are a retiree or INSS pensioner, because payday loan is much easier to be granted, it is enough to present an extract of your benefit and not ask for long term to repay the loan.

2- Type of repayment system offered – If interest rates are not low, depending on the repayment system, it does not pay. In the case of the table, it is easier to pay, so that the installments do not change in value and always start low, but with high interest rates, is not a good deal. If it is by the SAC system, you can start by paying a higher amount, but the portion decreases as you pay your debt and interest rates decrease.

3- Not having financing in place on your behalf -A reform can be easily financed, however there is a restriction regarding the contractor, there can be other financing not closed in your name, if this is the case, you will have to close them before.

4- Have other real estate in your name in the same city – Many banks and financials still restrict the financing to people with other properties in their names. If you have, it will be easier to hire a Personal Payday loan or locate some lender who accepts this detail.

How to finance a reform?

How to finance a reform?

To help you understand how the reform process is, we have brought in this article a number of useful information. Check out!

Some documents are necessary such as proof of age (must be at least 18 years old), personal data of the contractor, proof of income, marriage certificate if applicable and proof of residence.

The documentation of the property must also be organized and what is requested are the negative certificates and the registration of the property. The negative certificate is the document that proves that there are no pending, in financial or procedural aspects, in your name or in relation to the property.

The contractor must also take out an insurance policy

The contractor must also take out an insurance policy

The contractor must also take out an insurance policy to ensure that in case of Death or Permanent Disability (IPM) your estate is with your family and it will pay the debt until discharge.

Another insurance policy that is necessary to do is DFI , against Physical Damage to Property, as it provides coverage in case of fire, flood, collapse or any event that may destroy the property, in whole or in part.

After delivery of this documentation, if everything is approved, in about a month you can already start your so dreamed retirement!




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