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DATE: April 29, 2019

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In each of us, there may be a period in which we have to spend more money than we have.

It does not matter whether it happens suddenly or we are deliberately preparing it. Importantly, we may need financial assistance.

A Personal Payday loan, the best solution for financial problems

A Personal Payday loan, the best solution for financial problems

When we know that external assistance is needed to achieve the desired goal, we can feel that we will be lost in the sea of ​​different financial products. Therefore, we must first decide what type of credit we need.

Among the financial institutions’ offerings, we find credit products for various purposes. They are not bad products but have the special feature that, for example, a car loan cannot be used for anything other than a car.

This is a problem because there are usually additional costs. Let’s leave an example of a car loan. Maybe we need new tires. The loan itself can no longer be used for these expenses. Extra expenses must be covered by own resources.

 A Personal Payday loan, the best solution for financial problems

There is no doubt that a Personal Payday loan can be used for anything

There is no doubt that a Personal Payday loan can be used for anything

This is one of the best features of Personal Payday loans. Money can be freely used for anything up to 100%. So if you know that you have other expenses on the car, choose a Personal Payday loan, because it can cover the expenses literally on everything.

The reason is that almost everyone can get a Personal Payday loan. All we have to do is convince the solvency bank.

How can we do that? When you decide to apply for a loan, the bank will require the following documents:

  • ID card – ID card
  • confirmation from the employer of the type of employment relationship
  • Proof of income
  • Bank statements
  • and others (depending on provider).

According to the information provided, the financial institution will carry out the credit assessment of the applicant and decide whether or not to grant the requested loan.

What is the maximum amount of a non-purpose loan?

The amount of the non-purpose loan varies greatly. It depends on the policy of the financial institution, but usually varies between EUR 300 – 25000. Height can also be a trap for those who are not cautious and choose more than they really need.

According to the credit rating, a financial institution may be willing to give us much more than we ask or need. Therefore, we must be modest and only ask for the amount we really need.

In addition to the amount of the loan, interest must also be returned

The total amount to be repaid to a financial institution is included in the offer and is reflected in the APR – annual percentage rate of charge indicator. Every applicant needs to realize that the longer the repayment period, the more we will pay for the loan. Therefore, it is important that we calculate in advance what high loan we can afford.

Let’s try to borrow less


As already explained, the total cost of the loan depends on the interest rate and the amount of other costs. But on the third important item, which affects the price of the loan, we forget many times. And that’s the repayment time. On the comparison pages we find a calculator where we can enter the loan amount and the repayment period. If we play a little with the calculator and change the repayment period several times, we will see for ourselves what it is. How directly the length of the repayment period will affect the total cost of the loan.

It may be convenient to pay a low monthly payment of 6 to 8 years. But if we look at the total amount returned, we see how much the purchased item will cost us more. Finally, the price paid may be double or even higher.

Therefore, if we have a choice, we should choose the highest monthly installment so that the repayment time is reduced to the shortest possible time. In this case, the total amount refunded will still be acceptable.


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