Banks Stop Loaning

Plain: Who wants to buy a house in the future, needs a high salary or much equity to get a bank loan. As a main argument for the creditworthiness can no longer be considered the assumption of an increase in value of the property. The first customers are no longer receiving loans from their bank,

Good banks for loans

Who wants to have the loan in his name, must bring along a salary statement, without which nothing works, with no bank. If your grandfather wants to vouch for you, he can take the credit in his name and you pay him off to your grandfather. The official loans are considered particularly secure and promise

It’s time to get a savings

Most of us have at one time or another received the good advice on making a savings. We know, however, that the money does not depend on the trees, and a savings does not make itself. Therefore, we have gathered five good tips on how to make a profit in the economy to make a

How to finance a home renovation?

As time goes on, our residence needs some repair, or even a new room, and we do not always have cash in hand for such a reform. However, there is no need to postpone this project, you can renovate your home through funding . If your case is different and you have the money needed,

Who borrows money despite RKI

When many consumers search for “loan money despite RKI” in Google, there are many comparison sites that would like to rank high in Google’s search results. They hope that the many users will click on their website, as they often make money by sending traffic to the lenders. But the truth is that it is