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Instantly find all the drivers that allow you to use your USB devices – the convenient way that you deserve! Forget about the stress of finding the CDs and drivers for your USB devices, and eliminate the risk that your technology malfunctions.

  • It repairs outdated and missing drivers. It takes the pain and hassle of updating drivers and saves you endless hours of work and aggravation. Read more for a complete list of benefits.

  • It provides manufacturer specific drivers for: Acer, Asus, ATI, ATAPI, Audigy, Broadcom, Canon, Compaq, C Media, Creative, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, GeFORCE, Gigabit, HP, IBM, Intel, Konica, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Marvell, Microsoft, NEC, NIC, Netextreme, Nvidia, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixma, Raid, Realtek, Sigmatel, Samsung, Sony, Sound Blaster, SoundMax, Toshiba, WDM & more.

The Common Problem

Your USB should support all of the devices, but the devices you invested in are malfunctioning, or simply not even recognized by your PC

Are you frustrated by these USB driver problems?
  • Your computer USB port doesn't recognize attached devices and gives you Driver Error.
  • Any device that you connect to your computer using the USB port does not appear to be functioning at its optimum level.
  • When you run more than three applications, the computer slows down. Sometimes, one of the devices attached to the USB shuts down.
  • The new USB Hub is not recognized by your operating software

These and other issues related to the USB could have been addressed if the appropriate driver has been installed.

The Convenient, Efficient Solution:

With one click, the industry-renowned Driver Detective technology performs automatic searches for your more recent drivers.  Within minutes, you have the perfect drivers that optimize the functionality of your PC and devices.

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What are USB Drivers? Drivers are mere computer programs that allow the application software of various devices to communicate and interact with the central processing unit of the computer. The interaction should not be sluggish so that the demands and needs of the user are met immediately and efficiently. Such devices, of course, can be connected to the computer using the USB port.

The USB driver is supposed to automatically detect the application software of any device that is plugged into the port. If the device is new, the USB will request for the device’s driver. Newer or updated USB drivers – and this is where many computer users run into problems. 

Remember, you must have the PERFECT driver that matches your USB device’s brand, function, serial model, your PC, and your operation system.  Installing the wrong driver not only reduces the functionality of your USB device, but could cause unnecessary crashes and errors. 

Finally, you can take advantage of the technology that industry-insiders utilize.  With the industry-renowned Driver Detective, your computer and expensive USB devices enjoy automatic, cutting-edge driver updates – ensuring that your systems are running perfectly. 

With more than 1.8 million drivers, Driver Detective offers you unparalleled driver support for all the prominent brands: Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and dozens of other companies!   

Eliminate the waste of time and energy when your USB devices run sluggishly.  With the right drivers from Driver Detective, you can forgo failed connections and sluggish interaction.

You can waste a lot of time just looking for a specific driver. Or you can simply capitalize on easy-to-use software, such as Driver Detective, that will search the needed and appropriate driver for you. The latter, obviously, is a better option.  Use the Driver Detective Free Scan, and you can easily, quickly, and instantly see what drivers are missing – giving you a free tool to quickly boost the performance of your USB devices

  • Ensure your USB devices function at full capacity.  Outdated drivers can reduce the functionality of your USB devices.  Make sure that you can fully use your technology investment by automatically updating your gear with the latest drivers.  Remember, Driver Detective only recommends the most updated, recent drivers – giving you full functionality. 
  • Protect your technology.  The errors and crashes from malfunctioning USB drivers not only render your devices useless, but can also negatively impact your computer.  Make sure you have the right drivers – ensuring that your investments in your USB devices and computer serve you well.   Driver Detective will only recommend the drivers that are specifically programmed for your PC and operating system.
  • Full customer support.  Driver Detective offers comprehensive, unparalleled support.  This means that you not only reduce stress and frustration in looking for the right drivers, but you have a professional helping you maximize your computer and USB devices’ performance.    

Run Your Computer and USB Devices at Full Speed with Driver Detective

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