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Install the latest Printer Drivers for all printer models

Finally, you can easily use all the features of your printer – even when you change your computer system!  Without having to scramble for old driver CDs, you can instantly, with one button, find all of the printer drivers you need.

  • It repairs outdated and missing drivers. It takes the pain and hassle of updating drivers and saves you endless hours of work and aggravation. Read more for a complete list of benefits.

  • It Provides manufacturer specific drivers for: Adobe, Brother, Canon, Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP-hewlett packard, IBM, Konica, Kyocera, Lexmark, Minolta, OKi, Okidata, Panasonic, PCL, Photosmart, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox & more.

The Frustrating Problem

Your printer refuses to work with your new PC or operating system.  It prefers to be “not found” by your computer – leaving you with a piece of machinery that doesn’t print, but only takes up space.  This leaves you wondering if you have to buy a new printer to match your PC.

Are you plagued by these annoying Printer issues?
  • Your PC does not find or recognize your printer.
  • You try to print, but your entire program crashes, giving you a Windows error of “HPPCLM5.DRV.”
  • You see random symbols and characters on your printout.
  • The last character on every line is invisible.
  • When you print an Excel sheet or format, there are no grid lines.
  • You see black, solid boxes over all the printouts.

Unfortunately, printer drivers are plagued with problems, mostly because they are written without comprehensive testing.  The printer driver is actually a complicated piece of technology.  It processes the commands from Windows, translating the “drawing” into a format that the printer comprehends and processes. 

However, installing the wrong printer driver can make the situation even worse.  In fact, you must have the IDENTICAL driver that perfects your printer’s brand and model, computer, and operating system.  If you do not have the right driver, then you not only risk crashing your computer, but you lose out on all the advancements and benefits of the technology.

The Easy Solution:

With an easy click of one button, instantly find the updated, specific drivers for your printer and computer.  Within minutes, you can install the perfect drivers and have your printer working at light speed – with the industry-renowned Driver Detective!

Update and Download Drivers Instantly

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Why Wrong Printer Driver's Won't Work?

Printers vary in size, shape, speed, specifications, and extra features. Using a wrong printer driver will lead to hardware and software problems – meaning the capabilities of the printer are not functioning properly. The wrong driver will also lead to much frustration because of the following situations:

  • The documents and images do not print, or only a part of the documents are printed, leaving the rest of the paper empty
  • A pop-up message shows that the printer is low on ink even though you have just replaced the ink cartridge
  • The colors are wrong and the extra features of the printer could not be used
  • The printing process of one printer is unbelievably slow, while the same printer works fast on another computer
  • The printer head gets stuck for no particular mechanical reason
  • These are just of the difficult problems that crop up when the wrong printer drivers are utilized.

With the award-winning Driver Detective technology, you can enjoy what the technology experts employ to keep their printers and computers up to date.  You no longer have to suffer from outdated performance, but keep your system and printers working at full capacity with automatic updates of the latest, safest, and most precise driver updates. 

Inefficient drivers not only cripple your printer, but also crash your entire operating system.  An old driver mutes the communication between your computer and your printer.  Eliminate these frustrating problems – and maximize the performance of your printer and PC – by directly and automatically downloading the perfect printer drivers. 

Run Your Printer on Any PC Perfectly - With Instant Driver Downloads

There is no one standard printer driver, but the industry-renowned Driver Detective supports all of the prevalent printer companies, including Canon, Brother, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Xerox, Olivetti, Konica Minolta, and many more! 

Save your time, energy, and frustration.  Allow the technology of Driver Detective to conduct all of the research for you – delivering the latest, most advanced printer drivers directly to your computer.  You can finally maximize the functionality of your printer, regardless of the PC or operating system you use.  With nearly 2 million drivers, Driver Detective ensures that your computer and associated devices are running at full capability.   Try the Driver Detective Free Scan to instantly view which of your drivers need updates – and how they are bogging down your printer and computer’s performance.

Enjoy the Full Performance of Your Printer with Driver Detective

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