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Whether you use a conventional Mouse or a Wireless Optical Mouse, you can easily find the correct drivers and restore its functionality all with a single button.

  • It provides manufacturer specific drivers for: Acer, Asus, ATI, ATAPI, Audigy, Broadcom, Canon, Compaq, C Media, Creative, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, GeFORCE, Gigabit, HP, IBM, Intel, Konica, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Marvell, Microsoft, NEC, NIC, Netextreme, Nvidia, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixma, Raid, Realtek, Sigmatel, Samsung, Sony, Sound Blaster, SoundMax, Toshiba, WDM & more

The Frustrating Problem
  • Your new Mouse is connected but your computer doesn't recognize it.
  • Over time, you notice that your mouse is behaving strangely. Perhaps it freezes on the screen or becomes totally inoperable. 
  • Maybe your new mouse will not function properly with the current operating system. 
  • Naturally, you unplug and reconnect the device only to find the same issue. 
  • Now you’re left wondering what the problem is and if you actually need to purchase a new mouse to match your PC.

Hardware Conflicts

Unfortunately, your mouse and other hardware devices on your computer may not work well together.  These hardware conflicts typically make themselves known shortly after installing either a different mouse or a new device.  Conflict normally occurs when two hardware devices share the same IRQ (Interrupt Request) lines, pathways that enable devices to communicate with a computer’s central processing unit.  When compatibility issues such as these cause your mouse to act up, it’s usually due to an outdated driver. 

The driver is a crucial component that enables a hardware device to function.  Since it plays such a huge role in how a mouse operates, an outdated or dysfunctional driver can negatively impact its behavior.  Frequent error messages such as “This pointing device requires a newer version” usually indicate that your current driver is no longer efficient.  When these problems occur, it’s time to update your drivers and return functionality to your mouse.

The Easy Solution:

With the easy click of a single button, you can instantly find the most recent drivers specifically designed for your mouse and computer.  In no time, you can update your driver and gracefully move your mouse with ease over the screen - with the industry-renowned Driver Detective!

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Equipped with the award-winning technology of Driver Detective, you can keep your system and hardware devices up-to-date and reduce the risks of common performance issues.  The capability of your computer no longer has to suffer from outdated resources.  You can easily optimize system performance with the latest, most secure and accurate driver updates for your mouse and other peripherals. 

The driver of your mouse is just as critical as the mouse itself.  An inaccurate or dysfunctional driver could harm your mouse and eventually the entire operating system. Put an end to these agonizing problems and maximize the performance of your computer.  This can be done by simply restoring the functionality of your mouse with automatic downloads of updated drivers.

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Use Your Mouse on Any PC Without Flaw - With Instant Driver Downloads

The mouse may appear to be a simple device, but having the correct driver is essential.  The industry-renowned Driver Detective supports various Windows platforms including: Vista, XP Pro, XP Home, 2003 Server and 2000 in 32 and 64-bit editions! 

Want to save time, energy and loads of frustration?  Allow the technology of Driver Detective to work for you - get the most recent and advanced mouse drivers directly installed on your computer.  After finally realizing the problem, you can now return maximum functionality to your mouse, regardless of the PC or operating system being used.

Instantly Enjoy the Full Performance of Your Mouse with Driver Detective!

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