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You can finally get your money’s worth out of that fancy digital camera - even if you recently changed your computer system! There’s no need to go on a hunt for the old driver CD that came with your camera; chances are, it’s outdated anyway. Get all the drivers needed for your memory card with Driver Detective Software.

Update all your Device Drivers Instantly with Driver Detective Software

Update and Download Drivers Instantly

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  • It provides manufacturer specific drivers for: Acer, Asus, ATI, ATAPI, Audigy, Broadcom, Canon, Compaq, C Media, Creative, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, GeFORCE, Gigabit, HP, IBM, Intel, Konica, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Marvell, Microsoft, NEC, NIC, Netextreme, Nvidia, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixma, Raid, Realtek, Sigmatel, Samsung, Sony, Sound Blaster, SoundMax, Toshiba, WDM & more

The Frustrating Problem

After installing a new operating system, you reinstall the driver for your camera, hoping to upload photos from the memory card. Unfortunately, the camera is detected, but the memory card appears to be empty. Far from the technical genius, you’re now left wondering if you have to purchase a new memory card or worse, a new digital camera.

Are you plagued by these annoying memory card issues?
  • Your computer cannot read your memory card.
  • Your digital camera, PDA, laptop, mobile phone or portable media player cannot read your memory card.
  • You receive Windows error messages stating that your memory card needs to be formatted.
  • Your memory card does not appear in “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer.”
  • Your memory card appears in “My Computer,” but errors occur when attempting to read or write data.

Windows automatically installs drivers for each supported device that requires them. If Windows can’t find the appropriate driver for your memory card, your digital camera, PDA or MP3 player is likely function poorly – or not at all.  Some devices may still struggle from driver-related issues, even with drivers installed.  This causes you to lose a lot of time and possibly money when technicians come into play.

The Easy Solution:

With the simple click of a button, you can quickly find updated drivers specifically designed for your memory card and computer system.  Thanks to a streamlined process, you can easily pinpoint and fix all of your driver problems - with the industry-renowned Driver Detective!

An outdated or inefficient driver will not only falter the performance of your hardware, but possibly crash your computer system as well.  Why allow an old driver to mute the communication between your memory card and computer?  Instantly eliminate these annoying issues by downloading the perfect drivers directly to your computer.

Update and Download Drivers Instantly

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Why the wrong memory card drivers will not work?

Memory cards are made to be used with all types of devices, from digital cameras to video game consoles.  However, using the wrong memory card driver can have a wide range of effects from subtle to severe and cause your device to function improperly or not at all.  Use of the wrong driver can lead to many frustrating situations including the following: 
  1. Your screen is constantly bombarded with error messages.
  2. The invalid driver claims space on your hard drive.
  3. The colors and graphics of your digital camera are distorted because its features cannot be optimized.
  4. You endure problems with software associated with hardware that rely on that driver.

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Use Your Memory Card Seamlessly  - With Instant Driver Downloads

These are just a few of many problems that may arise when installing the wrong memory card driver on your system.  The good news is that correcting your driver issues doesn’t have to be such a complicated process. 

Memory cards are made for use with a number of different hardware devices - there is no standard version suited for all devices or brands.  However, the industry-renowned Driver Detective supports memory cards for all prevalent hardware manufacturers including: Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Olivetti, Xerox and many more!

Instantly Enjoy the Full Performance of Your Memory Card with Driver Detective!

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