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You can finally use your HP printer - even if you’ve recently updated your operating system. There’s no need to scramble for old driver CDs and spend all day online looking for the latest updates. Simple, one-click technology gives you the power to instantly find all the drivers needed for your HP printer. 

HP printers receive frequent updates to increase functionality and install patches. Stop worrying about those outdated drivers that are no longer compatible with your new computer system.

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Are you experiencing these annoying issues with your HP printer? 
  • Your computer cannot detect your printer.
  • You cannot control the volume.Speakers don’t respond and sometimes, the computer hangs.
  • When attempting to print a document, your entire program crashes, displaying the message “ HPPCLM5.DRV”.
  • You notice random symbols and characters on your printouts.
  • You notice that characters on your printouts are missing.
  • Printouts of Excel documents having missing characters or no grid lines.
  • You notice black, solid boxes throughout your printouts.

With so many different models available and in use, HP cannot provide software that is customized for every user’s system configurations.  This makes it possible for the drivers of a printer and another device to clash.  When this occurs, one or both of those drivers may cause the printer to function improperly or completely fail.  If Windows displays a message stating that it cannot recognize the hardware device, you are more than likely suffering from either an outdated driver or the wrong driver altogether. 

Why any HP printer driver will not do:

While they are manufactured by the same company, HP printers come in different shapes, sizes, speeds, specifications and features. For instance, a driver for an HP Deskjet 845C printer will not work for your HP Laserjet 1300.  This will lead to problems with your software and the device itself.  Installing the wrong HP printer driver will cause a number of problems including the following:

  • Documents and images do not print.
  • Only portions of the document are printed, leaving the rest of the paper blank.
  • Your printouts contain inaccurate or faded colors.
  • Your printer can not use duplexing, color or other features.
  • The performance of your printer is incredibly slow.
  • The printer head is constantly getting stuck for no apparent reason.

These are few of the many problems you will endure when installing the wrong HP printer driver on your computer. 

The Easy Solution:

The problems with your HP printer can be solved with a simple click. In no time, you can install the perfect drivers, whether it’s an HP Laserjet 5000 PCL or an HP LaserJet Postscript for your dual printer and scanner.  You can have your printer functioning at light speed - with the industry-renowned Driver Detective!

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Old drivers cause many problems by muting the communication to your computer and printer.  Outdated and inefficient drivers will negatively affect your printer and crash your system as well.  Put an end to these aggravating problems by maximizing the performance of your HP printer and PC.  Get the latest updated drivers directly on your computer!

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Run Your HP Printer Without Flaw on Any PC - With Instant Driver Downloads

There is no one standard HP printer driver, but the industry-renowned Driver Detective supports HUNDREDS of HP printers, including all the most prevalent brands and models such as:  HP LaserJets, Color Laserjets, Deskjets, Inkjets, Business Inkjets and many more!

Save yourself time, energy, and loads of frustration by allowing Driver Detective to work for you.  Its amazing technology will conduct all the research and deliver the latest, most advanced HP printer drivers directly to your computer.  You can finally get the most out of your printer, regardless of what brand, model or operating system you use.  Driver Detective is reliable and has been well-tested with well over 100 million downloads, ensuring that your computer and associated peripherals are performing at full capacity. 

Instantly Enjoy the Full Performance of Your HP Printer with Driver Detective!

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