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Stop struggling with the malfunctioning of your Bluetooth technology, when you can instantly find the precise drivers you need.

  • It repairs outdated and missing drivers. It takes the pain and hassle of updating drivers and saves you endless hours of work and aggravation. Read more for a complete list of benefits.

  • It provides manufacturer specific drivers for: Acer, Asus, ATI, ATAPI, Audigy, Broadcom, Canon, Compaq, C Media, Creative, Dell, eMachines, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway, GeFORCE, Gigabit, HP, IBM, Intel, Kensington, Konica, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Marvell, Microsoft, MSI, Motorola, NEC, NIC, Netextreme, Nvidia, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixma, Raid, Realtek, Sigmatel, Samsung, Sony, Sound Blaster, SoundMax, Toshiba, WDM & more

The Frustrating Problem

Your “universal” Bluetooth technology does not work fully with your computer – and you are missing a lot of transfer data. 

Many Bluetooth-related computer problems cannot be eliminated automatically just because your devices are described as Bluetooth-enabled.

Are you facing these following errors with your Bluetooth Device?
  • You cannot send files using the radio signals of Bluetooth.
  • You took pictures from your cellular phone, but the Bluetooth is not working again. You have no way of transferring the pictures to the computer and making hardcopies of them.
  • Some files are transferred, but the transfer appears to be incomplete. Some files appear to be corrupted.
  • Your Bluetooth-enabled device report that the transfer of files has been accomplished, but you could not find the files. Sometimes, you find out that the files were sent to the wrong device.
  • You expected the Bluetooth-enable phone to ring to take calls, but the phone did not pick up the radio signals. As a result, you missed an important message.

Problems like these could have been avoided if you were using the right Bluetooth drivers. But where can you get such software?

The Easy Solution:

With one click, Instantly access the best drivers for your Bluetooth technology by using industry-renowned Driver Detective.

Update and Download Drivers Instantly

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What is Bluetooth? The Bluetooth technology in computer devices will work only when the said technology is activated. The activation will allow the electronic conversations of the computer devices. But the activation of Bluetooth will require software. The good news is that all Bluetooth-enabled devices already has pre-installed software or Bluetooth driver. The bad news is that you can’t live forever with that one Bluetooth driver. Bluetooth is not just a new technology. It is a constantly improving technology. The Bluetooth driver that you have today will become obsolete in a matter of months. Thus, you needed to have updated drivers.

What is a Driver? A typical driver is the set of instructions, commands, and protocols that allow computer devices to communicate with each other. The driver also prevents miscommunication by handling interrupts. Interrupt handling leads to a smooth simultaneous running of various applications. But drivers are dependent on the hardware and specific on the computers operating system. This means the Bluetooth driver used on one type of computer may not work on another because of differences in hardware specifications and operating systems. Such presents a huge challenge for anyone who is searching for updated Bluetooth drivers.

Fortunately, the complicated and time-wasting search for updated drivers can be simplified with the use of the Driver Detective’s software. This software will automatically search the Internet and manufacturer’s websites for updated drivers that are specific to your Bluetooth technology, your computer’s operating system, and compatible with the computer’s hardware components.

Maximize Your Bluetooth Performance with Driver Detective!

Featuring more than 1.8 million drivers, Driver Detective delivers the most updated drivers from all the major manufacturers, ranging from Compaq and Dell to Sony and Toshiba…and everyone else in between.

Try the Driver Detective Free Scan today to instantly see which outdated or missing drivers are plaguing your Bluetooth performance.  You will have access to the 1.8 million drivers that help their industry customers fully enjoy the functionality of their Bluetooth technology.

Download Driver Detective and Access the Most Updated Bluetooth Drivers

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